Not your average web design studio*

*cause this one is vegan.

Cool niche…

Why vegan websites ?

For our clients

We truly understand the vegan industry so that means we can serve our clients better.

For ourselves

Call us selfish, but we don’t want to be creating any websites for things we don’t believe in. 

For the planet

The more vegan brands we build websites for, the more veganism can take over the world.

We're serious about design but not about life

Oh, you want to know a little bit more? Then read on…

The coolest vegan blog

We’ve built plenty of vegan blog websites, but we’d definitely say ours is the coolest. Because, well, it’s ours of course. We like to write about cool web design things and relate them back to veganism because we love subliminal vegan messaging.

Free consultation

Getting your project started with SHiDO is easy, just drop us a message below and we’ll reply as soon as we can to set up a video consultation. But not at weekends, cause we have a life.