Here at SHīDO we focus on vegan and sustainable businesses.



Our founder turned vegan in 2015 and has since dedicated her career to Veganism. She started her own online and offline businesses, but soon discovered quite how difficult it was to be found online, especially with a vegan site hidden amongst the millions of non-vegan organisations and businesses. So grew her interest in digital marketing!

Veganism has definitely become more popular and we believe it will only get bigger and bigger! Yet, we don’t want big corporations to win, as they so often do.  They have big marketing budgets and can make large investments in their SEO and marketing.

So, we dedicate our digital marketing services to vegan and sustainable businesses, because we want them to come first! A vegan company should come top when someone is looking for vegan products.

If you care about sustainability and veganism, so should the people you buy from! Simple.

Discover how digital marketing can help your vegan business!