About SHiDO

We are a creative vegan web design agency. Our team is fully remote, mostly because we don’t believe in boring offices, suits, and draining working hours. Also because we can do everything we need to from our laptops.

You’ll find us propped up in coffee shops and beach bars around the globe, enjoying life, and our work of course.

We may not be serious about life, but we definitely are about design. So, if we haven’t already lost you, then read on to discover more about SHiDO.

You’re still here? Excellent…

Why is SHiDO soo great ?

100% vegan

Call us militant, but our team and our focus are 100% vegan meaning we are all working towards a shared vision.


We are female-founded and run. Why does this matter? Because this is a post-#MeToo era, don’t you know?

Fully remote

Our awesome team are hired based on their skills, not their location. Oh, and we don’t waste all our money on bricks.

vegan web design votel screenshot

Skilled individuals on a mission to veganise the web

We are hopeless optimists who envision a world where vegan businesses are bigger than non-vegan. A world where vegan products and services are picked by default.

And we won’t get there if there aren’t more vegan businesses on the big crazy internet showing off just how amazing veganism is.

There are no shoddy template designs here, just unique and creative websites that even those pesky non-vegans will want to use.

The cool cats…

Meet the team

We are a small remote studio with BIG ideas, focused on putting all our energies into select projects which align with our values.

Unlike a large agency, we can devote more of our time and efforts to each project. 

Most of the web design work is done by our Founder, Lucy, who is the creative brains behind SHiDO. The others are pretty awesome too 😉


Founder & Chief 'Artist'


Business Development


The Wordsmith


Editor & Sense Checker

Why work with SHiDO

If we haven’t already convinced you that we are an awesome company with equally awesome values, then have a look at what our clients think about us.

Free consultation

Getting your project started with SHiDO is easy, just drop us a message below and we’ll reply as soon as we can to set up a video consultation. But not at weekends, cause we have a life.