The Best Vegan Affiliate Programs (to monetise your Vegan blog)


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Do you want to make more money from your blog?

Do you have a good steady flow of traffic coming through to your website that you would like to utilise?

Are you already promoting other vegan businesses on your website without making any commission from them?

Then you should look into Affiliate Marketing. 

Especially if your website is bringing in at least 10k traffic each month, you could set yourself up nicely with a passive income. Just follow the guide below to find out best practice when it comes to monetising your vegan website.

Why our guide? Well, we are a vegan digital marketing agency who have assisted many vegan businesses, bloggers, and freelancers in setting up affiliate sites. We also as SEOs run our own vegan blogs and editorials that make us a passive income. This means that we are members of all the affiliate programs mentioned below, so we know and trust them.

Don’t have much traffic coming through to your website just yet?

Fear not!

We have just the guidebook for you. Completely free and packed full of easy-to-action steps that allow you to grow your online presence and learn - at the same time!


The best bit, there are now LOADS of vegan businesses who are offering Affiliate Programs. Want to find out which ones? Click this link to scroll straight on down.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Imagine walking around your favourite market and coming across an enticing stall. It is practically shouting out to you. You walk over to it and find an array of products all tailored towards you.

That particular stall is selling products made by various different brands.

They’ll still be making money from selling these – a commission on top which would have been agreed upon with the original maker. 

This is essentially what websites with affiliate links are doing. They build attractive websites that bring niche relevant traffic to their sites, provide their readers with worth, and then draw them to links of products which the reader can buy. 

Whenever a reader clicks on that link and purchases, that website owner will make a commission from it.

What Commission Do You Get From Affiliate Marketing?

This completely depends upon the business that you are promoting. Some have smaller commissions (and cheaper products) at around 5% of the purchase amount. Others will go up to around 30-40% commission.

We will cover the commission rates of each of the vegan affiliate links below

the ultimate guide to vegan affiliate links to monetise your vegan blog and make a passive income

Why Should You Add in Vegan Affiliate Links to Your Vegan Blog?

To Support Vegan Businesses

By promoting a vegan business’ products/services on your website you are helping them to reach a wider audience. And vegan businesses deserve to be found by more people!

The reason businesses do affiliate marketing is that it is easy promo for them, and a real win-win situation for both parties involved. 

To Create a Passive Income

If you have a good steady flow of visitors coming to your website who are likely to buy what your affiliate program is selling, then you can make a good passive income out of affiliate marketing.

For instance, if you have a vegan recipe blog and you want to provide your readers with links to ingredients and equipment you use, you can add affiliate links here. That way you won’t only have people reading and using your recipes, but they’ll also be buying the necessary ingredients through your link – earning you a commission! 

To Provide More Worth to Your Readers

Your readers are on your website for a reason, they are enjoying the content that you have on there. So if you are able to provide them with even more worth, they’ll definitely stick around even longer.

Why else do we have websites!

Which Affiliate Links Should You Use?

Use Relevant Affiliate Links

The temptation is to stick as many links into your blogs as possible, but this won’t work. You want to make sure the affiliate link is relevant to the content around it. 

For instance, if you have a vegan recipe that requires a blender, adding an affiliate link to your favourite blender here will be really useful. 

Or, if you have a guide page on say, the best vegan gifts, you can easily stick many affiliate links in here as you’ll be linking to vegan gift products anyway! 

On the other hand, let’s say you sell vegan protein powder, you wouldn’t want to add in affiliate links to another brand’s vegan protein powder on your website. 

Use Affiliate Links That You’d Support Even Without Being Paid

Once again, don’t get tempted to stuff your website with affiliate links. This is your opportunity to select products that you’d like to promote.

Unlike using Google AdSense you have complete control over who you promote on your website. So make the most of it! 

Add links to vegan products and/or services that you would buy yourself. 

the ultimate guide to vegan affiliate programs to monetise your vegan blog and make a passive income

Which Blogs Should You Place Affiliate Links Into?

Guide Pages

If you are building a guide page for your website, like a vegan travel guide, or a vegan food guide, then these are great places to add in affiliate links. As the name suggests, a guide is where people go to find out more information. 

Well placed affiliate links help to provide your readers with more relevant information. 

Non-Branded Blogs

If you are promoting your own brand on a blog post and you don’t want people to leave your website then try to avoid promoting other products/services that could distract your reader.

It is much better to put affiliate links into any non-brand related blogs that are on your website.

How Do You Place Affiliate Links Into Your Blog?

Adding ‘nofollow’ Links

Having links to external websites on your site is good practice, especially when you are linking to trustworthy sources. 

However, if Google crawls through your website and notices loads of links to external websites that they deem as spammy, then they will penalise your website (meaning lower rankings and domain authority). 

Luckily, there is an easy solution for this. Always get into the habit of putting ‘nofollow’ attributes on your affiliate links. This way, it puts you less at risk. 

For most sites all links are automatically classed as ‘dofollow’ links, which means that you are telling search engines to recognise this link – giving that link more power and authority. So, you’ll need to make these links ‘nofollow’ every time you add one in.

So how do you put a link as ‘nofollow’?

This depends on the platform you are using. 

If you are using WordPress, then we recommend downloading the Yoast Plugin. With Yoast, when you add in a link to your text it’ll display some handy tick boxes asking if it is a sponsored link – tick this and Yoast will sort out the rest! 

adding nofollow attributes to affiliate links

Yoast also allows you to make a ‘nofollow’ blanket on all links on one whole page.

If you aren’t using WordPress, you can easily add ‘nofollow’ into the HTML – just follow this handy guide.

Affiliate Link Placements

In Text

You can please the links within text but make sure people don’t miss them. Use words that notify the reader that there is a link there for them to follow.

You can also structure it so that it is easier to find the text link. Like this:

Where can I buy this product? 
BUY IT HERE – add link into this text. 

In a Button

A button is one of the most obvious ways to place a link in your blogs. When people see buttons they know that they are to be clicked on. 

In an Image

If you have an image for the affiliate product/service you can always add a link into the image as well to increase the chances of your reader clicking through to it.

Do make sure to ask the brand if you are allowed to use their images first. 

The Vegan-Friendly Affiliate Programs

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all ethical affiliate programs, but these are the programs that we have partnered with ourselves – for both our clients and our own personal vegan websites. 

We have split the vegan-friendly affiliate programs into the following categories (click on a link to skip to that section):

Affiliate Networks

A great place to start with your affiliate journey is on an affiliate network. These are platforms which host thousands of affiliate opportunities from many different businesses. When you sign up to these networks you can apply for individual affiliate opportunities. They act like a directory for affiliate schemes.

Being part of directories like these is important because the individual affiliate programs we mention here won’t be the only ones that you can find. More and more are popping up all the time, especially as ethical businesses are on the rise. And it’s highly likely that you’ll find most new opportunities on the following affiliate networks. 

Our Favourite Vegan Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing isn’t constrained to just affiliate networks, meaning you can find other opportunities elsewhere.

Often you’ll find that your favourite vegan brands have a section on their website about affiliates/partners. Just scroll down to their footer bar and have a look. If not, you could even recommend they look into affiliate marketing.

Some websites which are hosted on WordPress, Teachable, or Kajabi may have inbuilt affiliate schemes set up. Others may use a platform like Refersion or SendOwl, but with all of these you’ll just be applying for that individual brand’s program.

We are now going to walk you through our favourite vegan affiliate programs with links to sign up. 

Vegan Fashion Affiliate Programs


Wolven create the most beautiful print sport and leisure wear made from recycled plastic bottles.

Who knew plastic could look so good?!

Perfect for: sustainability champions, fitness fanatics, and fashion bloggers

Vegan Outfitters

A popular online clothes shop amongst vegans. They print vegan messages and sayings on clothing, so you can spread the word and look good at the same time.

Perfect for: vegan activists, fashion blogs, and vegan media.

Vegan Food Affiliate Programs


Veecoco is an online vegan cooking academy. They have 15 courses, over 400 lessons, and a wide range of cuisines to offer.

They sell their courses via 6-month or 12-month memberships, or you can pay per course. 

Perfect for: foodie websites, editorials, & recipe blogs.


Nutriciously have created downloadable digital guides, vegan meal plans, and starter kits for vegans looking to eat more healthy, or for people who are interested in transitioning to a vegan diet.

Perfect for: foodie websites, plant-based bloggers, & health-focused blogs.


allplants create tasty and nutritious vegan ready meals which are delivered frozen to your door. They have an incredible range of dishes. These aren’t like any ready meals you’ve had before!

Perfect for: foodie websites, plant-based bloggers, & nutrition-based blogs.


Plantable provide more than just ready made meals, they also provide educational materials and coaching.

Perfect for: foodie websites, plant-based bloggers, & nutrition-based blogs.

Vegan Health & Beauty Affiliate Programs

Form Nutrition

One of the tastiest vegan protein powders on the market. Plus they also have their own multi-vits. 

They are a Bcorp and they are also eco-friendly, as they use compostable packaging and leave out the plastic spoon!

Perfect for: sporty websites, plant-based bloggers, & nutrition-based blogs.


The search for a good vegan deodorant is over. Wild provide refillable applicators with ongoing subscriptions of the deodorant refills. 100% vegan, natural, and great smelling!

Perfect for: sustainable bloggers, vegan media, & beauty blogs.

London Nootropics

Nootropics are supplements for healthy people, that help to give people that extra kick. London Nootropics hone in on the power of mushrooms, coffee, and ashwaganda. 

They put all these incredible ingredients into 3 tasty blends to drink with your favourite plant milk.

Their affiliate scheme is one of our favourites, with free samples and your own discount.

Perfect for: plant-based bloggers, health fanatics, and nutrition blogs.

Avant Skincare

Avant skincare are sustainable and cruelty-free. Plus they’ve been PETA certified. They have everything from perfumes, to facial oils and primers.

Perfect for: beauty bloggers, and cruelty-free blogs.

Vegan Travel Affiliate Programs


Because vegans travel too! And will need high quality travel insurance. 

Perfect for: vegan travellers, and nomad bloggers.


Perfect for any vegans looking to bank globally and with less paper!

Wise have a great affiliate scheme set up, and give higher rates to existing customers of their bank.

Perfect for: vegan travellers, and nomad bloggers.

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