Favourite Vegan Businesses of 2021 (that you need to know about!)


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We love doing what we do because we get to work with many awesome vegan businesses around the world. As an ethical digital marketing agency, it is our mission to support the online growth of vegan and sustainable businesses. 

Find out more about why our Founder is vegan here

An Increase in Vegan Start-Ups

Over the years we have seen increasing numbers of vegan start-ups popping up and succeeding. Which is no surprise, as the vegan lifestyle is very much on the rise

Our Favourite Vegan Businesses

So, which have been our favourite vegan businesses of 2021 so far? 

Here at SHiDO we’ve put our heads together to discuss which vegan businesses to feature and we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s just so many that we will have to make this an ongoing project. 

Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be updating this post regularly. 

Your Favourite Vegan Business

Got an awesome vegan business you want us to shout about? Drop us a message

Our Favourite Vegan Food Businesses


Wonderlab Doozy Pots are officially the god of all vegan ice creams. 

They are made using the sustainable ingredient champions: hemp and oat.

Doozy Pots Vegan Ice Cream was invented by female founder Kirsten who worked with Ben & Jerrys on their vegan ice cream. She’s a bit of a vegan ice cream pro!


THIS plant-based meats don’t really need an introduction. 

Everything from their branding, to their tasty vegan meats – these guys have nailed it. 

We love their vegan bacon in the morning and find their vegan chicken goes amazingly in a paella. 


Do you miss honey?

TBH, not many of us here do. But when we tried Plant Based Artisan’s Honea Butter we were obsessed. 

It is so much better than non-vegan honey! 

(USA + Asia)

Scrambled eggs are no longer a thing of the past for vegans. 

It may sound weird, but one thing we missed about eggs is actually the process of scrambling them. So satisfying.

Well guess what, JUST Egg scrambles in the pan. It’s magic.

Just hurry up and get to the UK already!

(USA + UK)

The queen of all vegan mayo, Vegenaise! 

Oh and guess what, they even have a Vegenaise cookbook.

(USA + UK)

Another meaty choice here. 

It is a bit of a controversial addition to our list, but we love that they’ve been able to show non-vegans just how easy it is to make the switch.

That’s enough for us to feature them. 

Our Favourite Vegan Drink Businesses

(UK, Europe)

Our Founder, Lucy, used to live off Minor Figures Cold Brew Lattes when working in London back in 2017. 

So she was super happy when she discovered their milk this year. 

A great alternative for Oatly lovers!


This one is for all the kombucha lovers out there. 

FIX8 is a female-founded kombucha, handcrafted in London.

Best bit, they also sell their own kombucha kits so you can make your own! 

Our Favourite Health and Fitness Businesses


JustFit is run by Justine, a vegan personal trainer

She runs online personal training sessions and is able to help her clients with vegan nutrition. 

(UK, Europe, USA)

A tasty, vegan protein powder, that blends well and is full of healthy natural ingredients.

Sounds like an impossible find right. That’s what we thought, until we found Form! 

These guys are smashing it. 100% vegan and amazing customer service!

Our Favourite Vegan Beauty Businesses

We love shampoo bars here at SHiDO, so Nut & Noggin was an instant winner for us.


Vegan skincare doesn’t get better than this. Krī use the awesome cactus oil in some of their products, which is a must try for perfect hydrated skin. 

Our Favourite Vegan Clothing and Accessories Businesses

If you are looking for an elegant, classic vegan watch, then you must take a look at Votch.

They even use pineapple leather in some of their collections!

Trendy and fashionable, Plant Faced Clothing help to bring vegan fashion to the forefront. 

Will’s Vegan Shoes are perfect for everyone! They have vegan trainers, boots, and sports shoes.

We love their timberland style boots. 

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