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We have combined experience of over 10 years working with vegan businesses on their digital marketing.

Find out how we can help your plant-friendly enterprise too with our full-service implementation.

Our sourdough and plant-butter. 

Search Engine Optimisation helps to get your business found on the very platform that your ideal customer is searching for you on.

We will increase your traffic and boost online sales using organic SEO methods: technical SEO, digital PR, & content marketing. Read more about our vegan SEO services here.

When you have no physical store front, your written content must do the talking.

We understand what your customers want to read, whether it is on your website, or on your monthly email newsletter.

Plus our writers are 100% vegan and experienced marketers. Discover how our vegan content writing services can help your brand.

Read some examples of our content writing work here.

Who doesn’t want their brand being shouted about on niche relevant media and blogs?

But many get stuck at the first hurdle, getting noticed.

We’ve built networks of vegan media, journalists  and bloggers for our clients, and we know just how to pitch them and why.

By working with us on your digital PR we can get you mentions in niche relevant media and blogs. This not only helps build your domain authority (for SEO) but it also gets you seen and found in more places.

Here are some examples of what we have achieved for our clients:

A mention for a vegan personal trainer on MyFitnessPal

An article for a vegan cooking school on Green Queen

A mention for a vegan ice cream brand on PETA

Testing a new product or expanding your reach? Then you may be considering pushing some ads out there on the internet.

But not all ad platforms are created equal. Your product and/or service may simply flop without the correct analysis and strategy. And then you may as well be pouring your money straight down the drain.

Let us analyse your brand, product, and/or services and create a sustainable ad strategy that will increase your reach and your sales.

We cover Google ads, as well as Instagram and Facebook.

Your website tells your brands story, so it is vital that you get it right.

But no matter how beautiful it is, it is of no use to you if it isn’t being found. Which is why it is important to have an SEO-ready website with beautiful design.

Just take a look at the vegan SEO-friendly websites we have designed.

Read more about our range of vegan web design services here.

our vegan SEO process

Want to increase high converting traffic to your website?

our vegan SEO process

Struggling to get your brand known online?

our vegan SEO process

Looking to discover new audiences & customers?

Lucky you, you've landed in just the right place!

We are vegan digital marketers obsessed with achieving sustainable results and in tune with all things plant-based.

But don't just take our word for it...

“SHiDO are very professional and efficient. They do a high quality job and go above and beyond for their clients. They put me at ease and offered me great value as I don’t usually trust SEO people but SHiDO is the real deal! It’s absolutely amazing! We are so happy that you are representing us so well.”
eds bred logo one of our vegan digital marketing clients

Meet Us

lucy johnson the founder of shido digital the vegan digital marketing agency


Founder & Strategist

Lucy first discovered SEO when she started up her own online vegan business. One of the first things she wrote down was “how can I get people to find my website”. Her voyage of discovery led her to an obsession with all things SEO. 

alice johnson content director for shido



Alice has always been led by her pen. And today, her keyboard. She is a literary wizard with an eye for stories. She has used her skills to build brands online. Her work is loved by readers and search engines alike.


Content Marketer

Kandice is a content marketing specialist who transitioned from a career in marketing management in 2018 to go remote. Combining her professional experience with her passion for her vegan and lifestyle she creates engaging and valuable content for ethical brands. 

matt the technical SEO lead for SHiDO


Technical SEO Executive

Matt has over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing across a range of industries. He specialises in technical SEO and analytics, prioritising robust data collection and reporting as the first step to a successful campaign.

Is your vegan business ready to start this journey?

You may like what you see, but we also need to be sure that you are the right fit for us.

We pride ourselves on having a vegan digital marketing agency. Our team is 100% vegan and the very reason our agency exists is to increase the reach of ethical products and services.

We won’t work on a project that goes against our vegan beliefs, but we will support non-vegan businesses who are looking to discover a new more ethical way of doing business.

Veganism wasn’t built in a day, nor is a successful online business.

It takes time to build trust with both customers and search engines, and rightly so. Anyone could swoop in with a brand new product and say that it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but that doesn’t mean that it is.

We recommend planning for at least 6-months to begin with on your digital marketing campaigns. That doesn’t mean that you won’t see any results until then, because you will. But for long-term sustainable growth, this should be your goal.

Moreover, building strategies for businesses takes time. If you invest in our services and therefore our strategy, we want to make sure we have the time to implement and get the results you deserve.

Disclaimer: we don’t work for free. But we are sure you knew that 😉

We want to be fully transparent and upfront with you. Without a budget that will keep our marketing efforts going for at least 6-months (which gives plenty of time to start building ROI and a website that then pays for itself), you may end up wasting any initial investments. 

If you do have the budget then you will see great results from our strategy and implementation. We create bespoke packages for our clients and on average they start at £1500 ($2100) per month.

If you don’t have the budget, then don’t fret. We do also cater for the smaller start ups with our consulting services.


Our requirements for you and your vegan business.

We want to make sure that you are the right fit for our agency so that you can make the most of our digital marketing services.

If your business isn’t quite at this stage yet, then our consulting services will be for you.

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