Grow With SHiDO #2 (ads + customer experience)



Grow With SHiDO Digital.

Hear from Jamie, our head of SEO + Paid Media, about why you should be putting yourself in the shoes of your customer.


Hi, this is Jamie from Shido Digital, and I want to share one of my top tips for managing your paid media campaigns. Which is, to really put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Now, as digital marketers it can be really easy to get bogged down in the back of ad platforms, optimising negative keywords, bid adjustments and so on. And, we often forget that there’s a real person on the other side of the screen, who doesn’t see any of that stuff, and who just sees a set of ads for the thing they search for.

Now, if we forget to look at our ads in situ, we miss what’s going on with competitor ads, in the organic space, featured snippets. There’s so much going on there that’s vying for your customer’s attention.

So you then need to really critically ask yourself: do I really stand out? Make a search as if you were your customer, and look at the ads that are there. Would you click your own one? Really think about the intent behind the customer’s search, and what it is they need, and then write something that addresses that, and really stands out.

Now, this could also apply to all your other digital assets, including things like your SEO titles and descriptions, which many customers will treat the same as your paid ads. At the end of the day they see one page of search results, and they treat everything on it pretty much the same.

I’d also say, don’t be scared to not follow best practice sometimes, because when all advertisers are following best practice, you end up with a set of ads that all look the same.

Let’s take an example of someone searching for ‘vegan shoes’. They might see ads which say ‘vegan shoes’, ‘vegan shoes’, ‘buy vegan shoes’, and everything looks pretty much the same.

Really think about how you help your customer, and say it. Show them that you understand them, and that should help them come to you.