Grow with SHiDO #3 (How to build natural backlinks)



Grow With SHiDO Digital

Hear from Alice, our Head of Content Marketing, about how to build backlinks naturally through your content.


Building backlinks can be one of the most labour intensive aspects of digital marketing and businesses often spend a considerable amount of time on outreach, including contacting relevant sites and writing guest posts.

What if I told you that there was another way?

Businesses can benefit from free marketing by creating content that’s shareable.

But Alice, there’s so much content on the internet nowadays, how on earth do I get people to share mine?

Statistics. Love or hate them, they’re one of the most popular forms of shareable content. Which is why they’re so important to include within your website.

Simple, bitesize statistics relevant to your industry act as bait and you will find that people will often latch onto them for their own content and reference you as a source.

For example, if you sold sustainable t-shirts, then one of the statistics you use could be about fabric pollution and could attract eco-conscious bloggers to link to your site, leading to an increase in the right kind of traffic and higher authority on search engines.

Just make sure your statistics are reliable and please date them. Using up-to-date data makes your content so much more valuable. Nothing frustrates me more than a statistic without a year, nobody wants to quote outdated information.