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How to market your vegan product to non-vegans


Almost 1/3 of the UK population identifies as flexitarian, meaning their diet is centered around plant-based options, with the occasional inclusion of meat. If your marketing efforts are directed strictly towards vegans, then you’re missing an opportunity to reach a huge audience of vegetarians, flexitarians, and plant-based eaters.

Even though your brand is vegan, you don’t need to be extremist. In fact, by promoting an “all-or-nothing” vegan lifestyle, you will more likely deter potential consumers. Instead, make your product accessible to everyone and know that your brand will have an even greater impact as a result. 

But how do you know which non-vegans are open to purchasing your vegan product, and how can you target them?

Here are our top tips!  

1. Focus on the environmental benefits

Many people are passionate about the environment that may not necessarily be vegan. Those who are committed to preserving and protecting our planet will likely jump at the opportunity to choose products that support the cause (aka. yours!) When creating content for your social media channels and paid ads, focus on the environmental benefits of choosing your vegan product, such as:

  • Conservation of freshwater (cows drink a lot of water!)
  • Reduction of air and water pollution (CO2, methane, nitrous oxide)
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improved soil quality
  • Fight global warming
  • Reduce destruction of wildlife habitats

2. Focus on the health/nutritional benefits

Many non-vegans are open to opting for a vegan product to benefit their health or offer extra nutrition. Instead of focusing on the fact that your brand is vegan, you can target the health-conscious community by creating content around the nutritional benefits of choosing your product. Vegan products are often low in saturated fats and cholesterol and high in nutrients. Center on the health perks that choosing your product has over choosing a non-vegan alternative. Some angles you could take include:

  • High in fiber
  • Low in saturated fat/cholesterol
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Supports a healthy microbiome
  • Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
  • High vitamin C for healthy skin and cell protection

3. Focus on the weight-loss potential

Since vegan products tend to be low in calories and saturated fat, they may also be beneficial for those looking to lose weight. If you have a product that you think might align with people achieving their weight loss goals, consider taking that angle and marketing to people searching for weight loss tips and tricks.

You might want to include information about reducing body fat, increasing healthy bacteria in the digestive system, and improving metabolism. The information you include will depend on the specific vegan product you’re selling and its nutritional value. But taking this angle will allow you to target a market of consumers who aren’t typically searching for vegan items.

4. Focus on the ethical/animal rights benefits

The best way to contribute to the fight against animal cruelty and needless slaughter is by adopting a vegan diet. Not everyone who supports animal rights is vegan, but they are very likely to purchase your vegan product if you position yourself strategically.

Avoid being too graphic with your content, or you could end up deterring potential clients, even in the animal rights crowd. You don’t want consumers to think of slaughter and torture when they think of your product. Instead, focus on the ethical benefits of choosing your product in direct relation to animal rights, leaving a positive image in their minds. For example, you could include stats such as how switching to your product can help save animal lives or facts about animal intelligence coupled with cute images.

Identify non-vegan channels and causes that align with vegan values

Just because a cause isn’t specifically vegan doesn’t mean that those who support it aren’t vegan or open to vegan products. Similar to the strategic marketing tips above focus on collaborating with causes that center around aligned communities that aren’t overtly vegan.

For example, animal rights organization PETA is always happy to share content around vegan brands, such as this roundup of their favorite vegan meal replacements. Organizations and channels that focus on animal rights will attract a crowd of people interested in vegan products.

Another channel that is worth exploring is the fitness, health, and weight loss niche. Publications like Very Well Fit center around fitness and weight loss and publish content like this article on the best vegan delivery services. A vegan diet can help people on their weight loss or fitness journeys, so it’s worth aligning with these types of channels and causes to market your vegan brand.

Other causes to target could include environmental organizations, such as having your brand certified by The Rainforest Alliance and listed on their website. Other environmental causes, such as Friends of the Earth, in the UK, often post articles related to vegan food.

Offering to do guest posts on blogs or asking to be featured in product roundups is a great way to market your product to their already established following.

Some additional marketing tips for your vegan brand

It’s also worth reaching out to non-vegan influencers that operate in the niches touched on above: environmental sustainability, animal rights, weight loss, and nutrition. Their audiences may not be vegan but will likely be open to trying your vegan product if recommended by someone whose opinion they value. 

Influencers who often post recipes may be open to including your product in their next meal, or a weightlifter would be up for the challenge of going vegan for a week and posting about it on their channel. Leveraging the audiences of non-vegan influencers will enable you to connect with more non-vegans and encourage them to try out your product.

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