Screenshot of vegan insurance business website design

VAPI business website design

A vegan insurance business website


Our involvement

Branding, Web Design

The brief

To create a sleek website that will attract both vegan businesses and charities

Our work

The brand was yet to be developed so we started with a completely blank slate. Having talked to the founders of VAPI and taken a look at their existing website for their main company we came up with three different brand concepts, ranging from more sleek, to more playful. They chose the sleek look, which we then implemented across the site. We built out a service page so that potential clients could understand more about how they can work with VAPI. Plus we added many visible contact links across the website to capture potential leads.
Screenshot of vegan insurance brand board


We wanted to keep the brand elegant and sleek, whilst still also remaining corporate enough that vegan businesses will take their insurance offering seriously.
Screenshot of vegan insurance service page

Service pages

We wanted to ensure their services rank well on search engines, meaning that their different clientele could find them and enquire. We built out a main service page with the opportunity to link through to individual service pages in the future.


Cool design…

I want a vegan website !

We don’t blame you, a cool-looking website for your vegan brand will set you out against the crowd.

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