Vegan Mum blog design

A vegan blog attracting an older plant-based audience


Our involvement

Branding, Web Design

The brief

To create a classy blog with multiple article categories to enable them to publish recipes, book reviews, and long-form pieces.

Our work

We started from the ground up, building the brand identity by channelling the character and personality of the website owner. A logo, typography choice, and colour palette were chosen from this. After this, we mapped out the website structure to ensure a streamlined categorisation of blog posts, which will help with SEO and user navigation. We then added the design, keeping it in the style of the branding. We also began uploading any blogs and ensuring they were easy to read and scroll through.

Blog categories

Our client was looking to publish content in quite a few different categories so we helped her to structure this based on SEO research. Within each category are sub-categories where readers can deep-dive even further.

Review capabilities

Our client was after an easy solution to uploading and publishing reviews, so we assisted in locating the perfect plugin to suit. We customised it to suit the branding. It now allows her to upload reviews with ease.


Cool design…

I want a vegan website !

We don’t blame you, a cool-looking website for your vegan brand will set you out against the crowd.

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