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Vegan Sisters editorial design

A community vegan editorial website


Our involvement

Branding & Web Design

The brief

To make an easy to navigate and clean website that both users and search engines will love

Our work

To begin, we updated the branding and rebuilt the sitemap to improve the categorisation of the posts, aiding our later user navigation work. Working on a staging environment we rebuilt the whole editorial from the theme up, including: header, footer, archives, custom post types, single page, pop ups, and more. There are multiple elements to this website including articles, reviews, and discount offerings, which all required their own custom archive theme design.
Screenshot of vegan sisters editorial branding blog page


We gave the branding a complete refresh, changing up the logo, fonts, and colour scheme. We wanted the copy to look clean and easy to read since reading is the main purpose for the site, so we chose a contemporary serif font for the body text and a bold serif font for the headings. These contrast nicely with the handwriting font that is used in special areas as well as the for the logo. The idea for the handwriting style font was to bring the editorial back to its roots, with it being a writing platform.
Screenshot of vegan sisters website navigation example


Using one of our favourite editorial-style websites for inspiration, Healthline, we wanted to create dynamic navigation that included quick links based on the article category you are viewing. This functionality will allow people to navigate the website with ease, finding the categories they are after and sourcing related content. Not only has this benefited user experience on the website it has also helped with Search Engine Optimisation, showcasing clearer navigation which in turn helps search engines to rank their content.


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