Our services

You are probably thinking, “well, this is a shockingly short service page”, well, you got that right. 

We have kept this purposefully short by honing in on the core services that we are honestly really quite good at. We don’t offer every single service under the sun but we do a blooming good job of the ones we do offer.

So you can receive the best service and we can sleep well at night.

Take a look at our three core services to find out if we can help your brand. If any of them make you feel excited and giddy inside then drop us a message and we can discover if our visions (and the stars) align.

We build bespoke websites on WordPress for vegan-friendly brands, including eCommerce, LMS, editorials, businesses, and much more.

The daycare of the internet world, we check up on and maintain the health of your WordPress website to ensure it is always running as it should.

Your website needs hosting in order to stay alive. We go the extra mile and help our customers get the most eco-friendly hosting on the market.

Free consultation

Getting your project started with SHiDO is easy, just drop us a message below and we’ll reply as soon as we can to set up a video consultation. But not at weekends, cause we have a life.