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WordPress maintenance

Keeping things clean and tidy is vital in life, but you probably don’t need us to tell you that. What we are here to tell you about is how this also applies online, and more specifically, to your website.

In maintaining your WordPress website you’ll be keeping it secure, clean, and running efficiently.

Oh and have we mentioned yet that you can just hire us to do this for you? It really couldn’t be simpler.

You know self care is important, but…

Why WordPress maintenance


Performing regular updates on your WordPress website helps to keep your website secure from mean hackers that want to take over your vegan empire.


Keeping your database clean and your images optimised allows for the smooth running of your WordPress website, almost as smooth as peanut butter.


Uploading new content and updating old content on your WordPress website means you can stay on trend and continue to attract all those cool cats to your brand.

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We’ve got you…

What's included in WordPress Maintenance?

We are experts in all things WordPress. It is even our CMS of choice.

Find out what is included if you hand over the reigns of your vegan WordPress site to us.

Regular updates

We run regular updates in the backend of your WordPress website. Including theme files and plugins.

Security checks

We ensure security certificates are up to date and that forms are working with honeypots or reCAPTCHAs.


We keep your database clean, remove any unnecessary files, and optimise media files.


We assist in uploading new content, including blogs, copy, and media files.

I need help!

Look after my WordPress site !

You’re a busy business owner so leave the boring WordPress website admin work to us, we actually enjoy this stuff. Seriously.

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WordPress maintenance FAQs

We’ve got all the answers to your burning WordPress questions, well, maybe just some of the answers. We aren’t mind readers.

A WordPress maintenance package includes regular updates for theme files and plugins, alongside optimising of media files and the cleaning of the database to ensure the website is running as efficiently as possible.

It costs nothing to maintain a WordPress website, other than what you pay for hosting. But you do need to look after your WordPress website. If you don’t have the time to maintain it then you should look to outsource your WordPress maintenance work to a web agency like us. 

Wait, there’s more!

We build bespoke websites on WordPress for vegan-friendly brands, including eCommerce, LMS, editorials, businesses, and much more.

Your website needs hosting in order to stay alive. We go the extra mile and help our customers get the most eco-friendly hosting on the market.

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