SunButter SEO Case Study

"You've been our 2019 cyber knights in shining armour - long may it continue!"
SunButter Vegan Sunscreen
SunButter Co-Founder


They sell vegan and plastic-free Sunscreen in Australia. Their products are reef-safe and kind to both people and the environment.

Founded by two marine biologists who wanted to give back to the earth (and oceans!). 

They sell well through their social but want to increase their organic sales, as they  currently aren’t being found in search engines at all – other than through their brand name.

They want to dominate the Australia market and then expand worldwide. 

Ideally, they want to rank for keywords relating to:

Vegan sunscreen
Reef-safe sunscreen
Sunscreen Australia
Sunscreen for Surfers

We posted regular blogs relating to surfing, reef-safe products, the ingredients, Veganism and Australia.

We also optimised their main money pages, including the home page, about page, and shop pages. In addition to this we created FAQs, a testimonial page, and an Upcycling page.

The site was also suffering with low site speeds which we began fixing straight away, alongside other error fixing. 


They were already ranking for a good amount of keywords but for page 1 they were only ranking for their brand name.

They’ve grown their keyword rankings from approximately 90 all the way to 890 and are now ranking on page 1 for loads of amazing keywords.


They weren’t getting any organic search traffic when they started working for us. But since October 2019 they now have around 855 people finding their website organically every day.


Our client’s sales have been increasing massively. Before working with us they weren’t making any organic sales. They more than doubled their monthly revenue after 2 months of SEO work. 

“An all time number of orders at the moment ~ it’s great” 

Keyword Ranking Changes in Month 2 of Campaign

vegan seo digital marketing case study

Rankings after 6 months

1 year traffic increase

SunButter vegan SEO case study seo
A vegan SEO case study for SunButter vegan sunscreen with traffic increases

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