The Vegan Review SEO Case Study

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The Vegan Review

The Vegan review aims to be ‘the ultimate digital platform for impartial and unbiased plant-based and vegan news’. 

They create regular unique, informative and factual content for vegans, the plant-based community, and the vegan-curious. The Vegan Review wants to provide honest and open content regarding: animal welfare, ethical consumerism, sustainability, and the wider vegan and plant-based movement. 

They cover all areas of veganism, including LifestyleFoodFashionBusiness & Politics, and Pop-Culture

The Vegan Review are entering a competitive marketplace. There are many big names in vegan editorial who dominate the top searches. 

Their goal is to be up their with the other big vegan editorial sites. However, they aim to provide more impartial vegan news, which will appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike. 

Moreover, they aim to provide budding vegan journalists with an open space for them to share their thoughts and beliefs.

Alongside their own journalist’s content, we have been uploading regular articles to their site. These have been long-form pieces of writing which are targeting a range of keywords: competitor’s keyword rankings and popular vegan search terms. 

Due to the large amount of content that is published on the site, there are many errors that naturally occur like broken links, missing alt text, long titles, missing meta, missing H1s, etc. So we have been continually fixing issues on the site to ensure that all the content is well optimised. 

Moreover, we have been building index pages with the intention of making The Vegan Review the ultimate go-to resource for all things vegan. 


Just 2 months in, they went from ranking for 0 keywords, to now 1000’s of keywords. They are getting good rankings in a mix of countries. Moreover, we have been able to get them to start ranking for more competitive keywords surrounding ‘Vegan News’ within just a few months. 


As with the keywords, their organic traffic was minimal. When they started working with us they had most of their traffic coming from referral or social, now they are getting over 500 organic searches. An incredible jump in just 2 months – as their site was practically brand new. 


The content work from our writers is being featured in many rich snippets on Google Search. Click here to see the examples below.

Why are rich snippets important? If you are featured here it is because Google has found your content the most relevant. It helps to provide the searcher with exactly what they are searching for. This helps to increase your Click Through Rate. 

The Initial SEO Results

An Increase in Traffic​

From 0 search traffic to 1.9k in just 2 months
the vegan review vegan SEO case study
Rise in keyword rankings correlates with rise in search traffic
the vegan review vegan SEO case study

Ongoing SEO Results

An even bigger increase!

Their current rankings as a result of our content and their own
With over 16k organic traffic coming in monthly.
Keyword rankings achieved through our on-going SEO-Optimisation work
Our ongoing optimisation work on this article helps them to get 1.1k traffic each month
SEO content optimisation results for the vegan review

What We've Achieved With Our Content Work

Features in Rich Snippets

A rich snippet that we achieved with our content on ‘turning vegan’
Examples of a vegan rich snippet we achieved for our client the vegan review


Another rich snippet that our content on ‘vegan fast food’ has achieved


Examples of a vegan rich snippet we achieved for our client the vegan review

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