The Ultimate Vegan Digital Marketing Guide (for 2021)

Alice Johnson

Alice Johnson

The Ultimate Vegan Digital Marketing Guide for 2021
(With Actionable Strategies)

This is the most complete guide to vegan digital marketing you will find on the internet.

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It’s continually kept up-to-date and all of these steps we mention have been used by us to grow the organic traffic of one of our customers from 0 to 16k in 2020.

We will be adding to and updating this guide on a weekly basis, so keep your eyes open for more vegan digital marketing information!

Let’s get started!

vegan digital marketing and SEO

Want to know how vegan digital marketing can help your brand but don’t have time to read through this entire guide?

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The Basics of Vegan Digital Marketing

Vegan Digital Marketing Agency

Vegan Digital Marketing Strategies

the ultimate guide to digital marketing for vegan businesses

What is Vegan Digital Marketing?

Vegan digital marketing is the use of multiple online marketing techniques to promote a vegan business or service.

It enables companies to attract, engage, and potentially convert prospective clients by utilising digital channels including websites, social media, email, and search engines.

It works by increasing traffic to a business website and strengthening its digital presence.

Sounds like we’ve just copied that out of the dictionary…BORING!

To put it another way, without digital marketing, your vegan brand is invisible.

It’s a bit like having a shop that’s not on a map.

Your customers won’t know you’re there unless they accidentally stumble across you.

And with 56.5 BILLION WEBPAGES INDEXED ON GOOGLE (or shops pictured on the map), the chances of being ‘stumbled across’ are slim.

If your vegan products/services are incredible (we’re sure they are) then eventually, news about your website might spread by word of mouth.

But this will be slow and people may forget about you, especially if your competitors are more visible than you.

Digital marketing acts by putting your vegan business on the map.

By utilising vegan digital marketing effectively, your brand will be more visible and easier to find.

Not only will you have more visitors to your website, but they’re also more likely to be your ideal customers, meaning more conversions!


Read on to find out more…

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Vegan Businesses?

Veganism is a growing trend and plant-based businesses are b(l)ooming.

There has never been a better time to be vegan and we can now find businesses that sell just about anything, from ethical clothing to vegan cheese, faux leather bags, and cruelty-free makeup.

In fact, at the time of updating this (Jan 2021), there are over 132 million search results for “vegan shoes” on Google, that’s 2 million more results than when we first wrote this Ultimate Guide to Vegan Digital Marketing in May last year!

Google search results for 'vegan shoes' revealing the importance of SEO

Amazing, right?

Nonetheless, if you’re a vegan business, then more webpages about veganism mean more competition.

Moreover, today’s interest in conscious shopping has encouraged big corporate brands to follow suit and even KFC have introduced a new vegan fast-food burger.

Corporate businesses are already well-established and will likely attract people to their products and services naturally.

Now factor in their practised digital marketing team and existing website authority and it’s easy to understand why they might rank higher on search engine results.

Consequently, digital marketing is important for vegan businesses because they will need to work harder to stand out amongst the crowd!

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Vegan Businesses?

There are numerous benefits to vegan digital marketing but here are our top 6:

Don’t believe us?

Check out these 2020 to 2021 case studies to see for yourself how vegan digital marketing can benefit your brand:

What Are the Different Types of Vegan Digital Marketing?

There are so many methods of digital marketing and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by them all.

Nevertheless, they’re each important in their own right and, by picking just a few, it’s possible to create a highly-effective vegan digital marketing campaign.

Here are a few of the most common types (click on them to find out more):

the ultimate guide to digital marketing for vegan businesses

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of increasing the likelihood that your website appears at the top of relevant search results on Google (or other search engines).

For example, if your business sold vegan SEO services *ahem*, you would want it to show up when someone searched for ‘vegan SEO’.

Through various methods such as keywords, on-page optimisation, link-building, and back-end technical work, SEO can increase organic traffic and conversions to your website.

Why not check out our SEO case studies to see vegan SEO in action?

It’s one of the most popular forms of vegan digital marketing due to its ability to grow businesses organically.

SEO for vegan businesses will involve the implementation of coordinated long-term strategies to attract and engage more people and help you to beat your competition.

Instead of being an overnight fix, SEO will gradually increase your traffic, which is otherwise known as ORGANIC GROWTH.

What is Vegan Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing that involves the creation of valuable and informative content targeted towards your target audience.

Its purpose is to increase brand awareness, organic traffic (visitors to your website), lead generation, and conversions.

It’s also a great way to build a community and nurture your existing customers.

So how is vegan content marketing different?


Vegan content marketing can take the form of:

This method of vegan digital marketing has rightfully become a very popular one as it is a less aggressive form of marketing and one which provides real value to your target audience.

Vegan content marketing helps align your business’s actions to your values by developing a brand voice and building trust with your customers.

It’s also one of THE BEST ways to increase traffic to your website.

content marketing for vegan businesses
HubSpot 2021

Vegan content marketing channels include (but are not limited to):

1. Blog Posts

Starting a vegan business blog not only creates more entry points to your website but it also demonstrates your expertise within the plant-based industry and generates organic search traffic.

What’s more, blog posts enable you to engage with your customers, express your brand personality, and provide you with plenty of opportunities to convert visitors to your website.

2. Website pages

Different from a blog post, an optimised webpage provides a pillar of information for customers.

These can display a variety of content that fits within the same topic.

For example, the webpage could cover everything you need to know about your vegan business, products & services offered, case studies, etc.

An example of vegan content marketing via a webpage channel
An example of vegan content marketing for a website page. This pillar page covers the topic of vegan travel and other relevant content (in this case, blog posts that go into more detail) is linked to within.

Webpages could also cover the brand’s values, mission, and vision.

These are pages of information that all other content should draw and lead to.

Designing your own website? Watch out for these top web design mistakes.

3. Ebooks and white papers

These types of content tend to be much longer than a blog post or webpage and aim to provide further educational content for visitors to the website.

Not only do these provide free resources for your customers, but they also enable the collection of contact information, such as email addresses, in order to sign them up to your vegan business newsletter, generate leads, and encourage conversions.


4. Videos

Many people prefer to watch a quick video rather than read a long blog post, so videos are a fantastic alternative to more traditional content marketing.

Want to know how THIS made it SO BIG amongst hundreds of other plant-based meat brands? Check out their ULTIMATE vegan marketing campaign!

5. Infographics

A slightly different method of visual content marketing, infographics have the ability to break down complex data and information into a more aesthetic and easy-to-understand format.

An example of an infographic-style of vegan content marketing
Source of statistic: MarketingProfs

Do you want to learn how to write your own SEO-Optimised content for your brand?

You are your brand. So we understand that you may want to learn how to write high-quality content yourself. Therefore, we recommend this awesome INTERACTIVE CONTENT WRITING COURSE (WITH 1-TO-1 COACHING) made by some of our very own vegan content writing team!

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay per click advertising aims to increase the traffic to your website by using ads in prominent places, encouraging people to click the link provided.

These adverts are paid for on a “per click” basis.

For example, when you type keywords such as “vegan makeup” into Google, you might see a few listed ads at the top of the search results. These are an example of one of the most common forms of PPC: Google Ads.

PPC search engine ads allow you to bid for the top positions on search engine results for your chosen keywords, placing you above all of your competitors.

Other forms of PPC include:

  • Social ads
  • Display ads
  • Remarketing ads
  • Instream ads
  • Google shopping ads
  • Local service ads

PPC will not grow traffic organically. Instead, it can be used to quickly boost conversions and often forms part of an effective vegan digital marketing campaign.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get people to advertise your products and services on your behalf.

Rather than pay someone to advertise your vegan business on their website, affiliate marketing will allow someone to share your revenue if they lead to a sale. In other words, other people will market your products and services for free and will earn money on a commission basis.

For example, an editorial website, such as The Vegan Review, might do an article on their favourite UK vegan products of 2020 and advertise The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Subscription. If the two businesses have agreed on an affiliate partnership and readers click on the link to make a purchase, then The Vegan Kind would share some of its profits with The Vegan Review. 

It’s a beautiful vegan digital marketing relationship!

Find out more about how you can use Affiliate Marketing to make a passive income here!

What is Native Advertising?

Perhaps one of the least understood forms of digital marketing, native advertising is paid content that is published primarily on editorial websites, such as BuzzFeed.

It is known as “native” because it attempts to fit in with the style of the publisher.

For example, if you were to place native content on BuzzFeed, you would write an article that is in a list format alongside eye-catching images. This type of advertising aims to be natural and often won’t obviously try to sell a product or service.

Check out Captain Morgan’s content on BuzzFeed as an example.

What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is where you pay another brand or publisher to create media promoting your vegan business.

It’s similar to native advertising in that it will be posted on different channels to your own website. The main difference is that you don’t have to create the content yourself and it tends to be more openly promotional: actively reviewing your brand.

Although sponsored content has been around for a long-time in print publications, it’s become a really big thing online as well. For example, even Instagram influencers can be sponsored to promote a brand nowadays.

Sponsored content takes many forms including written blogs, videos, podcasts, and photos. To ensure that the recommendation is trusted by the target audience, brands should be careful that the publisher does not make it obvious that they are being paid to promote. Reviews should appear honest and relatively unbiased.

What is Email Marketing?

One of the best ways to communicate with your target audiences is through email marketing.

Email can be used to stay in contact with existing customers, blog subscribers, website visitors, program members, and potential leads.

This method includes the promotion of events, special offers, and content such as blog and social media posts.

What is Social Media Marketing?

This is where you advertise your brand and its content on social media channels. For example:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Tik Tok


Vegan businesses can use social media marketing to drive traffic to their websites; increase brand awareness; easily communicate with potential and existing customers; and generate leads and conversions.

Some businesses hire social media managers or enlist the help of digital marketing agencies to manage their social media channels. Others prefer to push out their own content but this can be very time consuming. Scheduling tools, such as Hootsuite, exist to make this easier by controlling all social media channels from one place.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Rather than forcing your products and services into people’s faces, inbound marketing is centred around providing value to potential customers. In other words, it’s an unobtrusive approach to vegan digital marketing.

As opposed to outbound marketing (a more traditional approach where brands initiate conversations with potential customers), inbound marketing aims to attract people organically.

By creating valuable content to inform and engage your target audience, you are improving their customer experience and will build your trust and authority as a brand.

CHAPTER TWO: Vegan Digital Marketing Agency

1. What Does a Vegan Digital Marketing Agency Do?

A digital marketing agency will employ multiple techniques across a variety of digital channels to drive brand awareness and lead generation. In addition to this, a vegan digital marketing agency will focus on plant-based, sustainable, and ethical businesses to promote their growth and the advancement of veganism in general.

As Donkey from Shrek might say, digital marketing is like an onion. In other words, it has many layers, and by layers we mean everything we have mentioned above (SEO, advertising, social media marketing, etc.). A vegan digital marketing agency will manage many of these “layers” on your behalf to drive business growth and free up more of your time to focus on other things.

The methods and digital channels an agency uses will vary depending on a brand’s budget, timeframe, industry, and chosen marketing strategies.

Check out our ready-made vegan digital marketing packages or contact us to find out more about the services we offer.

CHAPTER THREE: Vegan Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. Vegan SEO Strategy 
  2. Vegan Content Strategy

1. Vegan SEO Strategy

As mentioned earlier, SEO uses keywords, on-page optimisation, link-building, back-end technical work, and more to grow the presence of your vegan business online. In turn, it will increase your organic traffic and improve conversions to your products and/or services.

To implement SEO, a brand must create a strategy. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you create your own SEO strategy in 4 easy-to-follow stages.

2. Vegan Content Strategy

Search engines find your site through its content and rank you on their search results depending on the estimation of its value. Pushing out regular high-quality content will help you climb the ranks and will increase the visibility of your site.

An effective content strategy will help your vegan business to reach its goals, ensure that you are reaching your target audience, increase organic traffic to your site, and ultimately improve conversions.

It’s one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing campaign, which is why we include it in most of our SHiDO Digital Marketing Packages. Based on our own tried and tested formulas, our plant-powered team has put together a step-by-step guide to help you create your own vegan content strategy.


*Watch this space - much more to come*