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You’ve gone vegan – check! You’ve learned all about the health benefits of the switch – check! Now you want to start a vegan business – let’s find out how to earn that final “check” (and how to make a big pay-check from it)!

If you’re looking to create your own vegan business, then this ultimate guide will provide you with all of the resources and tips you need, every step of the way. We’re all in this together, and we are so excited to share with you these resources for the 10 best ways to start and keep a vegan business thriving.

Discover a Vegan Business Idea

Where do your passions for veganism and business collide?

If you love to cook and can create beautiful presentations with a winning personality, then maybe you want to be a YouTube Vegan Chef with a cookbook on the way!

Or possibly you have an affinity for writing and can’t wait to get your hands into vegan topics as a copywriter for other vegan businesses.

Or perhaps you get excited by fitness and health, and you would like to be a vegan coach.

Choosing an amazing vegan business idea for you is about YOU — so discover where your passions intersect and consider that as a starting point.

Create a list of a few ideas that interest you, and don’t limit yourself to only what you believe you know now; allow your imagination and creativity to take over.

Is there a Market and Need for your Vegan Product or Service?

The next step in building a vegan business is to determine if there is a need for your product or service in the market.

How do you do that, you may ask? Start with the mindset of a customer who you imagine would want to hire you/buy your product and dive into a Google search.

Try various phrases and keywords to really get a good understanding of what is out there already. Check out social media websites too, and possibly even ask around the vegan community to get some polling results.

You can also enlist several tools to help you get a picture of actual stats for what people search for related to your topic. Really spend some dedicated time here, as it can play a big part in your success.

And remember that the world is abundant, so even if you do find others already in business with your ideas, there is still space for you.

Building Your Brand

Now it is time to determine what you want your brand to look like. A brand is more than just a logo and color theme; it is the essence of your businesses and should reflect your values, your goals, and why a visitor should choose your product/service over the others.

You should also consider the terminology you plan to use; for example, will you use the word “vegan” or will you stick to “plant-based”? Or will you not promote that aspect of your business at all? If you have some vegan brands that you already love (we are obsessed with This and VFC), then review their website and presence on the web to pull some inspiration. 

How Will You Make Money?

Now it is time to get really serious, because when you start putting money on the line to build your vegan business, you want to be sure you have a plan on how you will actually make that money back (and more!).

Will you draw profit directly from a product? If so, how will you mark up your price to ensure you make enough to cover costs and pay yourself (remember to consider all of the business costs you may encounter into the “landed cost” of your product, including production, packaging, shipping, etc).

Or will you make money through a service you offer? If so, how much is that service worth and how much is the public willing to pay for it? Where will you advertise your services; vegan directories, LinkedIn, a freeway billboard, your own website?

Or will your actual service be free while you make money from advertising space on your website or through affiliate marketing?

All of these decisions should be thoroughly thought-out before you begin investing actual cash.

Build A Website

When someone searches for you on the web, you absolutely have to be the first search result. To get that, you will need to have yourself an awesome vegan website.

This website will be like your storefront; your potential customers will visit and you want them to be convinced to buy what you are selling. You also want it to be easy for your returning customers to choose you again.

If you have the budget for it, you can pay an expert to build your website for you, like ourselves! Discover our vegan web design examples here.

Or if hiring a professional team isn’t in the plan for launch, you can take advantage of our handy guide to building your online vegan business.

Website Hosting

To give you just a peek into the nerdy world of website hosting, you should know that all websites live on a server.

This server is controlled and powered by the website host. It is the structure, the bones, the magic behind-the-scenes that ensures your website exists, runs smoothly, and never goes down.

These server rooms often have tens of thousands of high-powered computers powering millions websites, which can be quite a drain on resources. So when you are looking for the best website host for your business, consider an ethical or green website hosting platform that aligns with your company’s values.

Marketing Your Vegan Business

Your inspiration has come to life in the form of a product or service, your website is launched and looks great, but now you have to take on the daunting task of getting your website seen.

Potential customers need to be able to find you to buy from you, so you need to create a marketing plan for your vegan business to ensure this happens. Be sure you don’t skip this step!

We encounter a lot of new vegan business owners who created their brand and website and then just sat there expecting business to come their way.

Make sure you quickly turn a profit by utilizing our ultimate guide to vegan digital marketing.

Now it is Time to Deliver

If we’re talking about product, this may be taken a little literally. But we actually mean that this is the point where you want to ensure your customers are getting the value they bargained for when they choose your product or service.

Make your company stand out from the crowd with a personal touch, ensure you (and your team) extend especially wonderful customer service to clients, and don’t be afraid to show off your vegan values.

This is one of the unique qualities that inspired you to create your business in the first place, so it should be front-and-center.

Make Sure Your Business is Eco-Friendly

Now that you are fully up and rolling, with operations smooth and profit piling up, consider taking a moment to ensure that various aspects of your business are environmentally-friendly.

We know that this value goes hand-in-hand with most vegan business owners, so take a look at these 9 great ideas to make your business more eco-friendly, and take steps to continuously improve your company as you grow.

Looking for vegan business inspiration?

We’ve talked to some amazing vegan businesses and they have shared their top tips and secrets to running a successful ethical start up.

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