Vegan Business Masterclass: THIS™ is the Best Marketing Campaign

Alice Johnson

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THISTM has taken the world by storm and the vegan meat-alternative brand only turned one year old in 2020! 

Since their launch in June 2019, THISTM has experienced 35% compound growth in revenue each month and have won numerous awards, including Food Matters Plant-Based Porduct (Product) of the Year and The Grocer Gold Awards Start-up of the Year.

THISTM also conducted a record-breaking crowdfunding round where they smashed their £4 million stretch target after being publicly live for only 2.5 days!

So, aside from their products being some of the best plant-based meat-alternatives in terms of taste, texture and appearance, how exactly did they get SO BIG?

In this blog post, we’ll dive in to some of the marketing strategies THISTM continue to use successfully, which have enabled them to stand out amongst hundreds of other vegan businesses.

Brand Name

Let’s start with the obvious: their brand name.

Choosing a brand name that is also one of the most spoken words in the English language is always a risky move to make. There is a huge chance that you will never be able to lay your claim to the word’s online presence.

If you were to type the word ‘this’ into Google, there are over 25,270,000,000 results (as of Dec 2020) and on SEMrush it has a 90% keyword difficulty ranking!

How can you compete with 25 billion other websites to get your vegan business showing up at the top of search results?

But against all odds, THISTM have done it.

Just like Apple Inc., they’ve only gone and beaten the dictionary definition!

What’s more, THISTM is the word on every vegan’s lips.

The plant-based meat-alternative brand have cleverly incorporated the word ‘this’ into all of their products, PR stunts, social media campaigns, and taglines. For example:

THISTM isn’t Bacon

THISTM changes everything

THISTM is the next step


THISTM isn’t Ed Sheeran

To name but a few!

Now, every time a vegan says the word ‘this’, they will think of THISTM awesome brand!

Brand Personality

A brand’s personality is a unique way in which a business communicates with its target audience. It’s an essential characteristic of the brand and plays an integral role in the development of vegan digital marketing plans and vegan content strategies.

THISTM certainly uses their brand personality to stand out from the crowd.

vegan business masterclass with THIS vegan fake meat

Chocked full of British sarcasm and wit, the cheeky vegan meat-alternative brand are often humorous at their own expense.

Their boastful yet self-mocking behaviour is incredibly endearing and facilitates an air of camaraderie between the brand and their customers.

Customer Engagement

User Generated Content

There are a ton of reasons why THISTM is one of the best vegan businesses doing customer engagement in 2020.

Not only do they reply to all of their messages and comments but they genuinely love their tribe of loyal customers! And their tribe loves them in return.

How have they created such an amazing community?

Three words: User generated content (UGC).

UGC is a HUGE asset if handled appropriately, not least because 92% of consumers trust UGC more than traditional advertising.

Take a look at the THISTM Instagram account and you will notice that the majority of their stories are reposts, showcasing their customers’ latest vegan meal creations using THISTM products. Even their wall posts portray UGC, from their business customers to individual consumers.

The prolific content sharing encourages their users to create more delicious vegan meals using THISTM products and to subsequently post pictures and videos of them online.

In turn, this boosts brand awareness, enhances social media reach, increases personalisation, and allows the meat-alternative brand to gain a real insight into their audience.

It’s a win-win.


To make it even more personal, the team at THISTM always use their names when engaging with the public. Moreover, they frequently share personal stories and pictures of their staff members.

Humanising the brand by tying it back to the people behind it makes it more relatable and memorable to the target audience.

Compared with a faceless brand, THISTM is a lot easier to trust.

PR Campaigns

THISTM have successfully implemented a number of marketing techniques but if we had to pin it down to ONE THING they’ve done the best, we would have to say their PR campaigns.

From Trump to Ed Sheeran, THISTM have used some pretty famous faces to promote their brand.

But it’s not what you might think…

THISTM are sneaky little tricksy devils, playing games with their unsuspecting audience.

For example, they hired an Ed Sheeran lookalike to serve plant-based chicken nuggets to passersby in London!

Another stunt involved inviting a bunch of food influencers and critics to a supper club under the pretense that they were eating meat. It was later revealed that everything on the menu had been vegan.

Their controversial approach of fooling meat-eaters into thinking they are eating real meat has been a consistent theme throughout their PR campaigns and has generated a lot of hype online.

In fact, this tactic garnered attention from meat-eaters as well as vegans and THISTM began to receive messages and comments from angry spectators claiming that they would never be fooled into believing vegan meat was real.

And, almost as if they had been planning it all along (we suspect they were), THISTM conducted one of their only ‘honest’ PR stunts by inviting their trolls into their London office to try THISTM plant-based meat…

How do you think that turned out? Pretty darn well actually.

Turning some of their most vocal critics into fans in one single event is one of the best vegan PR stunts we have seen so far.

Is THIS™ Really the Best Vegan Marketing Campaign?


Hats off to ya’ THISTM!

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