10 amazing vegan business ideas


10 amazing vegan business ideas

You're vegan, you're passionate about all things plant-based, and you've always wanted to be your own boss... Why not start your own vegan business? Not only will you be making a living from your passion but also spreading the vegan message. Everything starts with a spark... We have 10 amazing vegan business ideas for you to consider!


You’re vegan, you’re passionate about all things plant-based, and you’ve always wanted to be your own boss…

Why not start your own vegan business? Not only will you be making a living from your passion but also spreading the vegan message.

Everything starts with a spark… We have 10 amazing vegan business ideas for you to consider!

1. Vegan coach

People transitioning to a vegan lifestyle often have lots of questions… 

How can I veganise my favourite meals? Where do I find vegan ingredients? How to deal with social situations? What’s the best source of Vitamin B12? 

These are only a few of the questions every new vegan ponders!

Sometimes a little bit of hand-holding is needed when making a big change. This is where you come in: you’re a long-time vegan and can be a big sister to a new vegan. You know how to answer all these questions and provide moral support when the transition process hits a bump in the road.

Become a vegan coach and help others make the switch to a healthier, more compassionate, and eco-friendly lifestyle!

2. Vegan content writer

Vegan online businesses are booming and guess what? They all need high-quality content to make sure Google keeps sending traffic to their websites. 

Being vegan yourself is a big plus point because plant-based businesses are looking to work with people who align with their ethos and know what veganism is all about.

If you love to string words together, becoming a vegan content writer is a great way to combine two of your passions, and make a living too!

3. Vegan chef

Are you someone who loves getting busy in the kitchen cooking up vegan delights for your dinner guests? Is there no dish you can’t veganise, and are you a wizard at coming up with amazing new plant-based recipes?

If you’re nodding yes, the possibilities to work in the vegan food business as a plant-based cook are almost endless. You can open your own dream restaurant, cafe or bakery. Or if that feels like too big a step, start with a food truck or as a home cook, whipping up vegan delights for clients from your kitchen or theirs.

If you enjoy sharing your culinary know-how, you can even offer vegan cooking classes, in person or online.

4. Vegan nutritionist

Many new vegans or people who are looking to add more plants to their diet are often confused about what they should or should not be eating. With all the conflicting information out there, it’s sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction. Others are turning to plant-based foods to reach their health goals but don’t know where to start.

It’s easy to become a certified vegan nutritionist today thanks to all the quality online courses in plant-based nutrition. Once you have some credentials, you can help the vegan-curious come up with healthy meal plans and learn about the best plant sources for protein, calcium, iron and more.

5. Vegan fitness coach

Unfortunately, many fitness trainers have outdated ideas about what kind of foods are best to build muscle and strength. That’s why vegan fitness fans are looking for personal trainers who are all clued up about the power of plants.

Are you an expert on plant-based protein and living proof that vegans can get super fit and kick serious butt? Then look into becoming a vegan fitness coach or personal trainer and help grow the vegan fitness tribe. 

6. Vegan consultant

Gone are the days when there was only one plant-based dish on a restaurant menu. Thanks to the vegan movement taking over the world, restaurants and eateries have had to up their game and get serious about plant-based if they want to keep customers.

But some have been slow on the uptake and that’s where you can come in. You know all about vegan substitutes for milk, cheese, yoghurt and are an expert on egg replacers. You even know how to make all these from scratch!

As a vegan consultant, you can help businesses working in the restaurant and catering industry with vegan menu development. You can show them a few tricks or two in the kitchen and help them take plants to a new level!

7. Vegan blogger/influencer

Blogs, Instagram and YouTube are probably the most popular channels to share knowledge and know-how and get paid through advertising and affiliate marketing in the process. 

If you want to share your passion for and knowledge of animal rights, plant-based cuisine, or vegan beauty products, consider setting up a blog or vlog.

You can learn all the skills you need online: from creating YouTube videos, to learning affiliate marketing, scoping out vegan affiliate opportunities, to how to attract traffic to your channel. 

Here are some vegan affiliate marketing blogs: Vegan Mum, Vegan Sisters, Edible Ethics

8. Vegan designer

Do you love to get creative? Do you make your own clothes or jewellery? Are you brimming with ideas to create fabulous vegan fashion accessories?

Become a vegan designer! How cool does that sound?

It’s easy to get started on Etsy or Shopify. Or create your own webshop!

9. Vegan beauty product expert

Are you obsessed with plant-based beauty and always on the look-out for products that are cruelty-free, sustainable and eco-friendly?

Do you love sharing vegan beauty tips and letting others know about the best plant-based products out there?

Consider setting up a vegan beauty product business that’s good for people and the planet. By creating a webshop with an online ordering system, your vegan beauty shop can be completely virtual.

10. Vegan marketer

Guess what? All these vegan businesses are going to need help with their digital marketing. From social media to SEO and email marketing.

Plant-based businesses want to look professional online, and you can help them do that. 

If you’re a digital marketing wizard, consider marketing your services as a vegan marketer. If you can further upgrade your skills by learning how to build vegan websites, you’ll have an extra faux feather in your vegan cap.

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