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Our favourite vegan websites of 2022

As a vegan web design studio, it is our mission to support the online growth of vegan and sustainable businesses. Read about our favourites here!


Through our vegan web design work we get to see first hand the incredible products and services that are being offered in the vegan market. So, we want to share these with you too.

Why focus on vegan business?

I went vegan back in 2015 when the only suitable food options in supermarkets were falafel & hummus wraps, VBites bacon, and Stork baking margarine. My friends would laugh at my diet and asking the waiting staff if they had any vegan options was normally met with a blank stare.

I’ve always been fully committed to the vegan lifestyle, with both my eating habits and my career. So, when I created SHiDO I knew that it had to be vegan-focused.

Our Favourite Vegan Websites

A website is a brand’s virtual storefront. When you land on a website it will either interest you, resonate with you, or you will leave. It all comes down to their marketing and design. Vegan brands can have innovative, valuable products, but if they don’t optimize their website then they won’t get sales. Marketing and branding a product effectively online directly impacts the success of a vegan business. 

Here are some of the best vegan websites out there, based on their marketing and design.

a screenshot of Oatly's vegan website

1. Oatly

I remember vividly the first moment I saw an Oatly ad. I was boarding a train at Shoreditch High Street Station in London, and their slogan was blown up on the wall “It’s like milk but made for humans.” It stuck with me. Now that’s some marketing I can get behind.

Their website is no less full of quips and wit, making them stand out as a relatable and genuine brand. They approach marketing differently from other brands by not treating their customers as customers but instead as equals. And isn’t that all we really want as consumers?

Their branding uses basic colours but creates visual interest using various iconic fonts. They also donate to and feature different initiatives on their website each month, which is a great way to showcase their commitment to the vegan community.

Visit Oatly’s vegan website

a screenshot of Happy Cow vegan website

2. Happy Cow

There isn’t a vegan who hasn’t heard of Happy Cow or recognize the cute purple cow of their logo, so obviously, they are doing something right. Happy Cow is THE resource for vegans looking for vegan-friendly restaurants and accommodation around the world.

So how did Happy Cow become so popular? Their marketing, plus the user-friendly design of their website, makes it easy to find vegan options in any city that you’re in. They’ve put in the reps to build SEO through city-specific lists of vegan restaurants, travel tips, recipes and more! You can signup and leave reviews to help your fellow vegans, and they even feature top ambassadors on their landing page to give you an incentive to engage.

While the web design may not seem like anything to write home about, the UX and simplicity make it easy to navigate.

Visit Happy Cow’s vegan website

a screenshot of Game Changer vegan website

3. Gamechangers

When Gamechangers came out, it rocked the world and sent away through the non-vegan athletic community. Using science and evidence, it promoted and highlighted the benefits of a plant-based diet for athletes, helping them overcome obstacles and optimize human performance.

Head to their website, and the first thing it evokes is power. While the movie launch is long past, Gamechangers continues to make waves by promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet through their website, including their online blog, which has tons of resources for vegan athletes, and just vegans in general.

Their marketing and design appeal to a different audience than most other vegan brands. It focuses on the athletic community, who usually sway towards meaty-heavy diets when they train.

Visit the Gamechanger’s vegan website

a screenshot of wawwa vegan website


WAWWA is an urban clothing company that puts the planet before profits. We’d call their clothing a mix of casual, hip and urban with a funky twist. Their brand uses renewable energy to craft clothing made from recycled and organic materials to deliver a positive impact on the planet’s future.

Their branding is super on-point with their product, and it has a variety of animated elements to keep customers engaged. They partner with different vegan and ethical initiatives, which you can find out about on their online blog, aka their journal. These partnerships help them spread the word about their brand and showcase their morals and ethics to those who land on the website.

Visit WAWWA’s vegan website

a screenshot of This vegan website


THIS is the plant-based meat alternative food for meat lovers. The founders are happy to admit that they used to love meat and actually ran a burger joint themselves. They used this love for meat to create meat alternatives that taste as close to the real thing as possible, so you don’t need to feel like you’re missing out on your favourite meaty treats!

They were very smart about their name choice as they can incorporate the word “this” into all their product names and marketing campaigns. Some examples are “THIS isn’t pork cocktail sausages” and “THIS isn’t a hoax.”

Their website is bold and straightforward, using clever wording with a hint of humour to meet their customers on the level. Browse through their website, and you won’t feel like you’re being sold too. Instead, you’ll probably end up with a smirk on your face looking for their closest stockist.

Visit THIS’ vegan website

a screenshot of Oumph vegan website

6. Oumph!

Oumph! is epic veggie eating for free-range humans and their branding has an “epic meal time” sort-of vibe. They sell mince, pizza, sticky smokehouse ribs, pulled pork, etc. but don’t use the meat names and instead label them as Oumph!, which we love.

Their packaging, advertising and web design are bold, bright and impactful as if you were just hit in the face with it (hence the name Oumph!). Because of their imagery I was instantly hungry when I landed on their website, which should be the goal for all plant-based food brands.

They are part of LIVEKINDLY Collective, which is a branch of the well-known vegan publication LIVEKINDLY.

Visit Oumph!’s vegan website

a screenshot of vegan website

7. MeowMeow Tweet

For natural vegan skincare, Meow Meow Tweet is one of the best on the market. Their website and branding are cute and fun, evoking the child in all of us. They make tons of different vegan and plastic-free skincare products, from soaps to sunscreens and insect repellant, all without harmful chemicals.

Their branding features fine-line animal art designs with quirky elements, like a banana with sunglasses, sweating in the sun, or a snake lifting weights at the gym. Their online blog is stacked with resources on low waste, natural skincare, including how to use their products effectively and practice healthy lifestyle habits when it comes to your beauty routine. Their blog is one of the best we’ve seen on a vegan skincare brands website.

Visit MeowMeow Tweet’s vegan website

What makes them the best vegan websites?

All of these brands have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to their marketing and branding. Their websites embody all they are trying to portray and resonate with the exact audience they want to connect with. Whether it’s Gamechangers targeting the athletic community, or MeowMeow Tweet targeting vegan females interested in ethical beauty, they have got it right.

Using web design and content marketing to encompass a brands tone of voice is essential to its success and growth. Are there any vegan brands that inspire you with their fantastic marketing? We’d love to know!

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